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Vegetable Oil for Health, Good or Bad

Vegetable oil or vegetable oil is blamed to contain high cholesterol levels and can cause a number of health problems, including heart disease and stroke. However, is the claim true? For the people of Indonesia, oil is an important ingredient in cooking. Various types of food, ranging from omelette, sausages, to fried rice, are cooked using cooking oil. Of the various types of cooking oil available on the market, vegetable oil is the most frequently chosen oil. Vegetable oil is oil made from plant or vegetable extracts, such as coconut, palm oil, corn, beans, to olives. Although there are several types of vegetable oil that are considered healthy, not a few people think that the use of vegetable oils, such as palm oil, can have a negative impact on health. The Facts Behind Vegetable Oils Many believe that vegetable oils, especially palm oil, contain high amounts of cholesterol. Frequently using this oil for cooking is believed to increase the risk of stroke, high blood pressure,
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Is it safe to use preservatives in food

There are still many assumptions that state that preservatives in food are harmful to health and can cause disease. In fact, there are dangerous food preservatives, but there are also some food preservatives that are classified as safe. Food preservatives are used to inhibit or prevent decomposition, acidification, damage, and the fermentation process in food, which is caused by bacteria, fungi, and microbes. Basic Principles of Use of Food Preservatives Basically, preservatives may be used as long as they have been registered and their use is permitted in the proper dosage by the Food and Drug Administration. Some food preservatives that are safe and often used are sulfur dioxide, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, and malic acid Although some of them are safe, you also need to know dangerous food preservatives. If consumed in the long run, these ingredients can cause serious health problems. Here are some examples of food preservatives and their dangers to

Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women must have heard rumors that saying that drinking coconut water can make your baby's skin white or his hair thick and black. This could be just a myth, but the various benefits of coconut water for pregnant women below can be proven efficacy. Currently, there are many bottled drinks that benefit the benefits of coconut water. In fact, many claim to be super hydration drinks. If you are pregnant and want to consume coconut water, make sure you drink real coconut water, not water that has a coconut flavor. Let's examine the link between coconut water and pregnant women below. Why is it useful for pregnant women? During pregnancy, pregnant women can consume coconut water because it has a number of benefits for both mother and fetus. These benefits include: Sources of electrolytes and antioxidants Coconut water contains electrolytes, drinking coconut water can replace the intake of electrolytes that are wasted when vomiting in pregnant women who experience mo